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Saturday June 3 - 10:00 AM

Long Guns, Hand Guns, Ammunition, Reload Equipment, Knives, Welders, Generator, Shop Tools & Equipment, Plat Books, Antiques & Collectibles, Evansville Advertising

Kevin Legler Estate

Auction Information


450 South First Street

Evansville, WI 53536


4 blocks South of Main St. (Lake Ridge Bank) on Madison St. to Old Hwy. 92, West 1 block to 1 st St., North. Watch for George Auction Signs.



Steve’s Deli Dog House.


5% Buyers Fee. Check or Cash. 4% courtesy charge for purchases using credit card. All sales final. All announcements made day of sale take precedence over printed material. Not responsible for accidents or losses.

Auction Items


Russian Baikal Bounty Hunter II 12ga. EAA Corp. “Coach” Double Barrel; Remington 870 Express Mag 12ga. Short Barrel, Pump Action, Composite Stock; Remington Wing Master 870 12ga. Pump Action; Winchester Model 50 12ga; Remington Model II 12ga; Ruger American Bolt Action 308 Winchester w/Clip & Vortex Scope; Rossi 92 Hartford 45 Colt Lever Action; Marlin Model 989M2 22Cal. LR, Gold Trigger; Thompson Center Arms Renegade 50Cal. Black Powder; Connecticut Valley Arms 50Cal. Black Powder; Henry Model H010B Lever Action Golden Boy 45-70Cal. Govt; Savage Arms Model 93R17 Bolt Action.17 HMR Cal. w/Redfield Scope & Extra Clip; Savage West Point 949 20ga. Single Shot; Ruger 10/22 LR w/Scope; Mossberg 183D-B 410 Bolt Action; Mauser M48 (Disassembled); Savage 64 Automatic 22; Remington 760 .270 w/Scope; Mossberg 410 Pump; Remington 22 S/L; Montgomery Ward 854 22LR; Winchester Model 1000X Air Rifle; Winchester Model 1052SS Air Rifle, Composite Stock w/Scope; Air Rifle w/Winchester Scope; Gamo Ducks Pellet w/Scope; Ducks Unlimited 1990 Whistling Pellet.



Ruger New Model Single Six 22Cal. Cyl. W/22Mag. Cyl; Ruger Vaquero 45Cal. Long Colt; Ruger Vaquero 45Cal. Colt SS; Navy Arms Black Powder 44Cal; 29 A.S.M. 44Cal. Black Powder; 30 F.LLI Pietta Italian 44Cal. Black Powder; Ruger Blackhawk Basley 45.



Ruger Mark III 22/45Cal. LR, Target Model; Springfield XD-40 S&W w/Extra Clip; Taurus 709 Sun 9mm; Springfield XD-40 Tactical 40 S&W 12 Round Clip w/Extra Clip; Ruger Mark III Target Model 22/45Cal. LR w/2 Extra Clips; SARSILMAZ 9mm; Colt Defender Air Pistol .177Cal.



NOTE: Thousands of Rounds. 9mm; 308Win; .223 Rem; 12ga; 30-30 Win; 30Cal; 22Cal; 45Cal; 45 Colt; 45 ACP; 45 HAP; 40 S&W; 5.56x45mm; 45-70; 17 HMR; 380 ACP; 410; 40Cal; 204Cal; 38; 350 Legend; Etc.



NOTE: Thousands of Rounds, All Sealed Packs. 9mm; 22; 45 ACP; 45 Auto; 230 HAP; 40 S&W; 350 Legend; 308 Win; 223 Rem; Etc.



Gerber Machete; Spec Plus Marine Spi-95; Buck; United Cutlery; USMC BK1794; Pro Flex Angler; Pigman Kutmaster; Olsen Filet COHO; Rostfrei; Bowie; NRA Stone River; RMEF Browning; Kohls; Old Timer Schrade; Etc.



Sheffield; Hunters Classic; Gerber; Whitetails Unlimited; M&P Smith & Wesson; Army; Buck; Guidesman; Dragon Lock; Maxam Set of 4; Etc.



Black Ronin United Cutlery; Gerber; United Cutlery M48 Hawk; RMEF Browning; (4) Double Bit Axes.



Lee Challenger; Lee Load-All II; Lee Auto-Drum Powder Measure; (2) Lee Classic Turrett Presses; Lee Breech Lock Challenger; Lee Breech Lock Hand Press; Brass Cleaning Tumbler w/Grit; Midway 1292 Tumbler; Lee Lead Melter; Winchester 12ga. Jackets; Nitro Caps 16ga, 12ga. & 20ga; Winchester 12ga. Grey Wads; (2) Bags of 100 Ballistic Multi-Hull 12ga; (2) MG42; 25# Bag of Shot; Qty. of Acme, Hornady & Other Bullets of Assorted Calibers; (30+) Assorted Gun Powder Containers; 12ga. Roll Crimper; 50Cal. Lead Balls; Ammo Cases; Auto-Disk Riser; Ballistic Scale; Binoculars; Bullet Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph; Electronic Outside Micrometer; GR15 Deluxe Electronic Caliper; Laser Bore Sighters; Lee Dippers, Quick Trim & Safety Powder Scales; Muzzle Loading Accessories; Lyman Pocket Touch Scale & Trigger Pull Gauge; Powder Scales; Powder & Primer Holders; Sporting Clays; Spotting Scope; Tasco Scopes; Verratti Shooting Glasses; Weaver Tool Kit & Scope Mounting Kit; Wheeler Scope Ring Alignments & Lapping Kit.



30/30; 40 S&W; 350 Legend; 45 ACP; 9mm; 308;  8mm; 270 Win; 44mag; 45 Colt; (2) 45-70 Gov Factory Crimp; (3) Turret Press 4 Hole Holder; 350L Trim; 30/06 Cut & Size; 8mm Cut & Size; 30/30 Cut & Size; 223 Cut & Size; 308 Cut & Size.



(2000+) CCI Lg. Rifle #200; (200+) CCI Lg. Pistol #300; (600+) CCI Sm. Rifle #400; (100+) CCI Sm. Pistol #500; (500) Rem. #6 ½ Sm. Rifle; (450+) Fiocchi Sm .45SL; (18) Fiocchi Sm. Pistol Box/150.



(4) Bags 40 S&W Federal Primed; Bag 45 Federal; Bag 9mm Luger Winchester; (2) Bags .308 Primed; Bag 204 Hornady; 45 Colt; (5) Bags of 60 223 PSP; Bag of 60 Rem.


(7) AR15; (3) 22Cal Ruger BX-15, 15 Rounds; (2) .17 HMR; 308; (5) 22Cal. 5 Rounds; (7) 40 S&W 12 Rounds; (3) 45ACP 13 Rounds; (2) 22Cal. Ruger; (2) 9mm Ruger.



Hobart Stickmate LX 235 Stock #500420; Hobart Handler 175, Model #500416.



DeWalt 120/240 Volt, DXGNR6500, 89hrs.



Ryobi BS903 Bench Mount Band Saw; Ryobi TS1142L Compound Miter Saw; Milwaukee Circular Saw; Viking 12/24 Volt Jump Starter; Central Hyd. 39178 450# Capacity Transmission Jack; Pittsburg Portable Tire Changer; Abrasive Blaster, 5gal. on Wheels; (5) Hyd. Floor Jacks up to 20 Ton; (6) Pcs. of Lead; Pentair Sta-Rite Shallow Well Jet Pump; O-Ring Splicing Kit; Pneumatic Grease Gun, Drills & Ratchet Wrench; Posi Lock 110 Gear Bearing Puller; (2) US Army Field Protector Masks; Impact Socket Sets; HD Impact Wrench; Socket Extensions; Chisels; Disc Grinders; Bostitch Finish Nailer; Milwaukee M12 Angle Drill; Welding Vise Grips; (5) Lg. Crescent Wrenches; Clamps; Pittsburgh Flare Nut Wrench Set; Miller & Speedglas 3M Welding Helmets; Angle Grinder; Ryobi E-3800 Screwdriver; CS-BWM Chain Sharpener; (2) Metal Creepers; Remington Powder Actuated Tools; Pipe Wrenches; Protemp PT-40-GFA 40,000BTU Portable Heater; McCulloch Chain saw; Socket & Wrench Sets; Mastercool Deluxe A/C Clutch Hub Puller & Installer Kit; Stant ST255 Cooling System Pressure Tester; Service Kit 41560 Power Steering Pump Pulley Kit; Stant Pressurized Cooling System Tester; MAC Pneumatic Screw Extractor Set; Ryobi SS180 Speed Saw; Punch Pole Set; MAC Double Flaring Tool; Toughtest 6pc. Chisel Set. CB RADIOS: Bearcat 40 Channel PC78LTWCB; Midland 40 Channel CB Transceiver; Cobra 29WXNW Sound Tracker.



Wern Farm Half Pint Waukesha Milk Bottle; Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck Cine-Art Films; Union Pacific Spittoon; Standard Oil Cans; Yard Sticks; 6gal. Red Wing Crock; Parker Pens; Andrew Jackson Book (1833); Tiffany Water Pitcher & Egg Cups; RS Prussia Bowl; Watt Ware 3 Bowl Set; Canada Goose Print; Local Adv. Items; Civil War Book; Birch Bark Model Canoes; (2) Broughton Motor Oil Brodhead Signs; 24K Gold Flakes; London Cheese Co. London WI.



1904 Map; Drug Store Jars; Lamb Milk Bottle; Bonny Croft Half Pint; Ken’s Carpet Corner Fly Swatter; Meyers Bros. Lumber Co. Match Safe; Farmers & Merchants State Bank; Evansville Feed & Seed; Knapp’s Beverages Screwdriver; Post Cards; Moelds Seed Co. Pencil; Yards Sticks; Grange Store; Magee Theatre; Kelly’s Standard; Ron’s Standard; Pencils; The Oriole 1914, 15 & 16.



1878 State of WI; 1873 Green Co; 1901/02 Crawford Co; 1917 Rock Co; 1918 Grant Co; 1919 Adams Co; 1923 Waupaca Co; 1923 Rock Co; 1927 Columbia Co; Sheboygan Co.



(4) $5 Silver Certificates 1934 & 53; $1 Silver Certificate 1928; 1929 $5 & $10 First Wisconsin National Bank of Milwaukee; 1928 F & G & 1953 $2 Red Seals; 1817, 29, 38 & 52 Large Cents; Foreign Currency.


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