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Saturday, July 13 - 10:00 AM

Antiques & Collectibles, Signs & Advertising Items, Petroleum Antiques & Collectibles, Gas Pump Parts

Jack & Jean Austin

Auction Information


1739 West Hwy 14

Janesville, WI 53545


West edge of Janesville on Hwy. 14, one tenth of a mile west of Lion’s Gas Station.



Jack owned Austin Oil Company for many years. This is the final auction for Jack & Jean, with many interesting items that were on display in one of the buildings, plus items from the barn & outbuildings.



Steve’s Deli Dog House.


 5% Buyers Fee. Cashier’s Check, Cash or Wire Transfer. 4% courtesy charge for purchases using credit card. All sales final. All announcements made day of sale take precedence over printed material. Not responsible for accidents or losses.

Auction Items


Outdoor Wall Mounted Rotating Lighted Barber Pole; CI Bell; (2) Fire Hydrants; Wood Drum Clothes Washing Machine; Edison Floor Model Phonograph w/Records (Working); Blanchard Perfection Grain Bag Holder; Janesville Croak Bros. Wood Half Barrel Beer Keg; Janesville Machine Co. Corn Planter Box Cover; Toledo Honest Weight No. 7240 Counter Scale; Coca Cola Lift Top Wood Cooler; Maytag Copper Washing Machine w/Ice Cream Maker & Meat Grinder Attachments; Royal Windsor Kitchen Stove; Baker Monitor Metal Sample Windmill (Evansville); Hocking Valley No. 202 Apple Press; The Gem Grain Grader; Waterbury & Seth Thomas Mantle Clocks; Oak Wall Phone; 1917 Rock County Plat Book/Atlas; Enamel Top Kitchen Cupboard Bottom; US Postage Stamp Dispenser (10 & 25 Cents); Chewing Gum Dispenser; Milk Cans (J. Kenneth Austin Tag, Shoemaker Tag & Non-Tagged); Hay Knife & Forks; Quincy Water Pump; Dexter & Maytag Wringer Washers; Howe Platform Scale; (2) Maytag Type FY-ED4 Engines; Underwood Typewriter; Church Doors; 14” Steel Wheel; Anchor Wash Stand w/Wringer; Milk Can Cart w/Steel Wheels; Shurtleff’s Dairy Cap, Ice Milk Can, Milk Case, Egg Case, Cream, Cream Top & 2qt. Bottles; (3) Austin Dairy Milk Bottles; Borden’s Milk Crate; Arbuthnot 2gal. Pail & Cream Bottle; Dairy Specialty Co. Milk Tester; 31” Wood Pulley; Grass Seed Cleaner; 4bu. Grass Seeder; Oliver & Ford Decals; Coleman No. 0 & 1 Funnels; Vagabowl Thermos Cooler; White Bros. 2gal. Copper Can; Candle Mold; Metal Tubs & Pails; Continental Counter Scales; Goodell Cherry Pitter; Protecto 6doz. Metal Egg Case; R.C. King Cranberry Scoop; Wicker Baby Buggy; Red Wing 10gal. Crock; Janesville Wagon; Coal Pail; Ice Skates; Deluxe Mop Wringer Bucket; Townson Grinder; Bull Blinders; Harness Hooks; Edgerton Feed & Seed Rain Gauge; Palo Canteen; Ammo Cans; Yale Padlocks Rack; Meat Grinders; IH Jacket & Tool Box; Milk Strainer; Piano Mover; Simplex Recorder Time Clock; Schlitz Beer Lift top Case; Wood Hoppers; Well & Cistern Pumps; Copper Bucket; Neck Yoke; Cattle Dusters; Parking Meter; Qty. Local Adv. Yard Sticks; Tobacco City Oil Calendar; Piston Ring Yard Stick; Hill Hog Ringer; Dr. Reinhart Hog Holder; Feed & Seed Bags; Full-O-Pep Feed & Seed Egg Price Board; Dietz & Elgin Barn Lanterns; Hatchets; (2) Walking Plows; Hand Crank Corn Sheller; Honey Extractor; Metal Butter Churn; Grain Scoop w/Wheels; Hand Cart w/Steel Wheels; Brass Fire Extinguisher; Barrel Mover; Wood Hand Planes; Carpenter Tools; Forge Tools; Shovels; Milk Stool & Pails; Cabbage Cutter; Wool Carders & Shears; Special Flour Sifter; Vidrio Elec. Mixer/Measuring Cup; Sylvania Clock Radio; Cameras; Maytag Oil Can; (3) Ford 9N Radiator Caps; Coat Hooks; 150yrs. of International Harvester Book; Encyclopedia of American Farm Tractors Book; Pepsi & Coca Cola Metal 6pack Carriers w/Bottles; Walt Disney Davy Crocket Compass Ring; Pepsi, Coca Cola & Silver King Thermometers; Janesville Adv. Items; Pure Jersey Butter Box; Croak Bros. Bottles Janesville; Walt’s Tavern Beer Bottle Lighter; 1941 Janesville Phone Directory; National & Columbus Wash Boards; Coke Bottle Opener; Goshen Carpet Sweeper; Rug Beaters; Triumph & Kent Hand Corn Planters, Janesville & Fort Atkinson; Wood Buggy Jack; Grain Cradle; Hand Corn & Potato Planters; Bee Smoker; Whitewater Leg Mount Stalk Cutter; Hill Point Milk Stirrer; Unico, Horn, & Cyclone Seed Sowers; Stromberg-Carlson & Emerson Radios; Nesco Perfection Oil Heater; Ther-Mo-Pack Hot/Cold Can; Meat Cleavers; Wrenches; Adv. Tins; Pulleys; Fence Stretchers; One & Two Man Saws; 2 Man Crank Sickle Bar Cutter; White Mountain, Acme 5 Minute & Frost King Ice Cream Freezers; Crockery Chicken Waterer; Wood Desk; Lightning Rod; Ice Tongs; Pedal Sharpening Stone; JD Corn Planter Box; Hudson & Other Fly Sprayers; Coyer Calf Nursing Bucket; Wood Cow Stanchion & Water Cup; Jamesway Ft. Atkinson Steel Pulley; Maytag Red Carpet Towel; Coleman Steam Iron; Wood Sample Board; Rock County 4-H Fair Parker Pens; Beer Steins; Speed King Roller Skates; Toboggan; Hand Corn Huskers & Dryers; Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Pabst, Schweppes, Franks & Chas. Gray Beverage Crates; Kats Battery Charger; General Bench Mount Grinder; 1989 Winston Racing Series Banner; Xmas Blow Mold Items; Yard Gnomes.



Reliance Flintlock Double Barrel Shotgun; Winchester 410 Single Shot.



Gas Boy Model 153K4 Gas Pump; Tokheim Model 452 Gas Pump; (3) Other Gas Pumps; (2) Pair of Tokheim & Gas Boy Side Panels; Tokheim Explorer & Wayne Pump Face Plates; (4) Gas Boy Pump Doors; Misc. Side & Front Panels & Other Parts; Sunoco & Union 76 Panel.



Wadham’s 10 Gal. Can; Davis Welding 5 Gal. Can; Ellisco & AMCO Sales Corp. 10 Gal. Cans; (3) Lubesters; Standard Oil 55gal. & Other Steel Barrel; Atlas & Texaco Wiper Blade Cabinets; 76 Self-Serve Shirt Patches; Sunnyside Shell Rain Gauge; Amoco Belt Buckle; Tempest Car Emblem; 1960 Firestone Safety Award Lighter; Cities Service Ruler & Desk Thermometer; Good Year Ubert’s D-X New Glarus Ashtray; Huffman ½ Gal. Oil Fill Can; Dover Radiator Water Can; Scully Signal Co. Vent Alarm; Electro Motor Tune-Up Model 1-4 S.N. 1060 Trouble Shooter; Sinclair, Gulf & Shell Glasses; Traffic & Farm-Oyl 2gal. Cans; Phillips 66 Glass Bottle & Cans; Texaco CI Door Stop; Pennco, Lubrik  & Conoco Grease Cans; Browning IHP Sheaves Rack; Pure Oil & AC Delco Paper Goods; Road Maps; Lions Oil Decals; Quaker State, Texaco, Gulf, Sunoco, Standard, Royal Triton, Sinclair, Shell, Wolf’s Head, Allstate & Cities Service Oil Cans; Galvanized Gas Cans; Scale Gas Pumps; Gas Price Numbers; Pure Oil Padlock; Tracey Oil Co. Sinclair (Janesville) Shirt; Shell Station Attendant Doll; Mack Truck Emblems; AC Spark Plug Rack; Kendall 2000 Mile Oil Glass Jar; Anti-Freeze Cans; Gates Belt Measurer & Racks; Driveway Signal Bells; LeMans Snobil Oil Can; Qty. Union 76 Oil & Fluid Cans & Decals Etc.; Conoco & Shell Banners.



Self-Serve Fuel (Austin Oil); Case; Farmall; MM; AC; Shell Motor Oil SAE 30; Cockshutt Banner; Packers; Ford; Oliver; Cadillac; Humble; Road Signs; Delco Batteries; No Smoking; Phillips 66; MF; Sinclair; Jeff Gordon; Paragon Gasoline; Gulf; Texaco; Valvoline; Coca-Cola; IH Banner; Exit; Mobil; Sonoco; Interstate Batteries; Janesville 4mi. Arrow; Shell Logo; Public Telephone; Telephone Pay Station 5 Cents; Bus Stop; Apples 5 Cents.



Sansui Flat Screen TV; (3) Coolers; Paper Shredder; Paper Cutter; ½ Size Refrigerator; Hamilton Beach Cooker; (2) 3dwr. Cabinets; Wine Glasses; Serving Dishes; Oak Cabinet; (15) Copper Pc’s. LAWN & GARDEN: Troy Bilt 18” Reel Mower; (4) Dog Yard Décor; Concrete Goose; Glass Bird Bath; (4) Round Patio Tables; (5) Patriot Landscape Lights; Outdoor Light Timers; Small Deck Tables; 4’x2’ Wagon; Wheel Barrow; (2) Garden Seats; 4 Wheel Metal Deck Cart; (2) Rocking Chairs; Flags.



(2) 6’ Length All Glass w/Sliding Doors.



(9) NASCAR Brass Coins & Other Items; Drill Bits; Wrenches; Woodworking Tools; Green Shutters (New); Live Animal Traps.


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