Kyle & Lori Allen
August 28 & 29, 10:00 AM

Guns, Lawn Tractors & Yard Equipment, Taxidermy Mounts, Decoys, Fishing Reels, Lures & Boxes, Knives & Bayonets, Antiques & Collectibles, Household

15747 West Holt Road

Brooklyn, WI 53521


4 miles North of Evansville or 1.5 miles South of Brooklyn on Hwy. 14 to Holt Rd., East. Watch for George Auction Signs.  



Very interesting auction from long time collectors of modern & antique sporting goods, & more. Many high quality new items & outstanding antique collection. Very clean & well kept. There will be much more than listed. We will sell all non-sporting goods items in a 2nd sale ring on Sat. 8/28 & may sell sporting goods & related in two sale rings on 8/29 so please bring a bidding partner. View our website for complete listing & over 400 photos.



Steve’s Deli Dog House.



AR-15 Unfired, 5.56 NATO; AR-15 Unfired, .223 Wylde; AR-15, 5.56 NATO; AR-15 Unfired, 5.56 NATO; Browning, BPS 10ga. Pump; Montana Rifleman 1999, 300 Win. Sh. Mag., SS; Noreen BN36X3 Carbine, 3006Cal.; J.P.Sauer Royal 12ga.; Parker Bros. Side by Side 12ga; Texas Ranger Single Shot 12ga; Star Loader Single Shot 12ga; Lacled Gunco Side by Side 12ga; Victor Special Single Shot 410; Stevens L820B 12ga. Pump; 1894 Winchester 25-35; Westfield Model M22 30-30; Model 12A Remington 22 Pump; 1862 Springfield Rifle; 1863 Springfield Rifle; Ruger PC Carbine 9MM; Browning BLR LT WT .325 WSM w/50 Rounds Ammo; Derya Arms VR80 12ga; Remington 870 12ga. 20” Barrel; Remington 870 12ga. TC Trap; Remington 870 Wingmaster 12ga.; Sako L61R, .338 Win. Mag; Springfield Armory 1911 Match, .45 ACP; Voere 22LR Bolt Action; Heckler & Koch 416, 22LR; (2) Winchester Super X2, 12ga; Winchester 70, .338 Win. Mag; Winchester 70, 300 Win. Mag; Winchester 70, 300 Win. Short Mag., Unfired; Winchester 70, .458 Win. Mag., Unfired; Remington 20” 12ga. 3” Fully Rifled Barrel w/Cantilever Mount; Remington 700 Stainless Composite Stock 300 Win Mag w/Leupold Scope; Brand New Henry Lever Action; (2) New Heritage Single Action Rough Rider Revolvers; Anderson AR 223; Thompson Center 54cal Renegade Black Powder; Hawken 50cal 700 KP CM Black Powder; Various Other Black Powder Rifles; (2) Iver Johnson’s Arms and Cycle Works 22 Revolvers; 1891 Harrington & Richardson Arms Company Revolver; 1887 Harrington & Richardson Arms Company Revolver; Robinhood 32cal #4328; Red Jacket #6 25cal; Worth American Arms Company 22 Long Rifle – Magnum Revolver; Colt Police Positive Special 32-20 WCF; Colt Police Positive 38cal; J Stevens A&T Co. 22 Pocket Pistol 4” Barrel; J Stevens A&T Co. 32 Pocket Pistol 4” Barrel; J Stevens A&T Co. 22 Pocket Pistol 8” Barrel; Model 1911 Pach Mayr PSW-6 22 Long Rifle; GC Tackels Brearie 32cal Revolver; Starter Pistol Model 1960 Mondiac; Starter Pistol RG 7 Rohm; More Guns to be added; Colt Conversion Unit, .45 ACP to .22 LR, NIB w/Papers; Scopes & Gun Accessories.



PET-SNW + Nichols; Army 45; Big Buck; Rodeo; Pony Box; Daisy Shooting Shell Snub-Nose 38; Killgore; Hubbley; Daisy Double-Barrel Pop Gun; Kusm Inc. Bang-O-Chief; Derringer; Buckaroo; Trigger; Fanner; Pyro; Colt 6-Shooter Rifle; (2) Frontier Rifles; Many w/Holsters.



Note: 12,000 rounds of NEW Ammunition. 7mm Short Mag; 25.06 6.5 Creedmore; 1200 Rounds 9mm; 264 Win Mag; 300 Win Mag; 338 Win Mag; 30.06; 1200 Rounds 223; 1200 Rounds 5.56; 4000 Rounds 22 Long Rifle; Many Boxes 12ga. Buckshot; 12ga. Slugs; 45 Auto; 44Mag; Mini-Buckshot; 380 38 Special; 303 British; 6mm Creedmore; 44 Mag; Qty. of 7MM Rem. & 7.62/.308 Win. Brass Resized, Primed, Ready to Load; Many other calibers.



445 John Deere 27hp Lawn Tractor w/52” Deck, 900hrs; JD GT 235 18hp Lawn Tractor w52” Deck; Simplicity 28hp Lawn Tractor w/52” Deck, 294hrs; JD 4’ Snow Blower Attachment; JD Leaf Bagger; JD Thatcher (New); 20” Push Mower; (2) Pull Seed & Fert. Spreaders; Craftsman Elec. Chain Saw; Echo 18” Chain Saw; (2) Poulin Chain Saws; Elec. Hedge Trimmer; Stihl Weed Trimmer; Craftsman Leaf Blower; (2) Elec. B&D Weed Trimmers; Stihl Lineman’s Gas Drill; 5’ Drag Section; Lawn Roller; 4’ Disc; 6’ Dirt Leveler; ATV Float & Chains; 4’ Barn Fan; Small Fans.



Rainbow, Brook & Brown Trout w/Fish Poles & Old Tackle (one mount); Golden Trout in Fish Creel; Muskie; Crappies on “Ice” – 8 Crappies Mounted in Chest w/Fake Ice & Glass Top; (3) Walleyes; 19” Replica Crappie; 12” Replica Blue Gill; (5) Walleyes in Wood Case w/Fake Ice & Glass Top; 10½# Walleye;  (2) White Bass on Driftwood; (4) Walleyes on Stringer 10½# to 12½#; Perch & Walleyes Mounted on Board w/Lots of Old Ice Fishing Tackle; Old Ice Fishing Sled Loaded w/Antique Ice Fishing Tackle; Blue Gills, Perch, Crappies & Sauger Mounted on Board w/Fishing Tackle.



Pheasant; Buffalo Head; (2) Elk; (27) Whitetail Shoulder Mounts up to 200”; (4) Replica Whitetail Shoulder Mounts up to 250”; 100’s of Whitetail Deer Sheds, Wild Deer Racks & European Mounts.



Coyote; Bobcat; Red Fox; Alaskan Brown Bear; Cougar.



(2) Gray Fox; Fisher; Raccoon; Skunk; White Fox; (2) Red Fox; (2) Bobcat; Coyote; Mink; Badger; Otter; Beaver.



10pt. Invader X4 Crossbow w/Arrows; 10’ Jon Boat; 16’ Canoe; Aqua View Under Water Camera; Beaver Dam Tip-Ups; Ice Augers, Fishing Poles & Jigs; Saltwater & Freshwater Rods & Reels; Musky Rods & Reels; Musky Baits; (700+/-) Freshwater Lures; Cuddeback Silver Series Game Cameras; Elec. Fish Fillet Knives; Extech CO2 Meter (New); Hunting Clothes (New/Used).



(24) Goose Shells; (24) Goose Floaters; Layout Blind; 18 Mallards; (3) Pair Waders; Tree Stands.



(4) Waterfowl USA Miniature Resin; Bun Carley Edgerton, WI Carved Canvasback 2003; George Rose St. Clair Flats, MN Carved Redhead Hen 1977; Bob Wilson Carved Pintail 1987; J. Arndt Edgerton, WI Carved Pintail; Jules A. Bouilett Redhead Resin Reproduction; Pheasants Forever Numbered Resin Wood Duck; Wild Wings Green Winged Teal Resin; Resin Goose.



(40) Old Hunting Decoys by Various Makers; 1929 WI Live Duck Decoy Leg Harness Tag & Anchor Weight.



Pflueger #1953 Skilcast in Box; Pflueger #1963 Knobby Level in Box; Pflueger #1893-L Akron Level in Box; Pflueger #1895-Akron Bait Cast in Box; South Bend #300 Level Bait Cast in Box; South Bend #350 Level Bait Cast in Box; South Bend #550 Level Bait Cast in Box; Shakespeare True Blue Level Bait Cast in Box; (2) Shakespeare 2110 Fly in Boxes; (3) Ambassadors in Leather Cases w/Tools; (2) Ocean City #970 Bait Cast; V.L and A Club Special Bait Cast; Pflueger Trump Bait Cast; Take Apart #480 Bait Cast; Osakis Cast Reel, Jeweled; Great Lakes S30 Bait Cast; Trump #31 Level Bait Cast; Langley Lure Cast; Pflueger Summit; Wards Sport King #60; Coast to Coast Bait Cast.



Over 400 Antique Fishing Lures & Over 100 Antique Lure Boxes, some w/Orig. Catalogs: Hedden Baits; River Runt Spook; River Runt Midget Didit; Vamp Spook; Crazy Crawlers; Chugger Spook; Wounded Spook; Flap Tails; Super Surface; 8500 Basser; Lucky 13; Torpedo; Dowagiac; Pflueger Chum Spoon; Mercury Minnows; Sparkling Minnow; Tulsa Fishing Tackle; Hotti Tackle Cisco No.5; Abbey & Imbrie Go-Getters; South Bend Baits Bass-Oreno w/Boxes; Deep Diving Fish-Oreno; Fish-O’Bite; Nip-I-Diddee; Texas-Oreno; Pike-Oreno; Baby Pike Oreno; Jointed Baby Pike-Oreno; Dive-Oreno; Surf-Oreno; Midget Surf-Oreno; Trix-Oreno; Marathon Musky-Houn; Hildebrandt’s Spinners-Baits Muskie Tornado; Milky Finn Bucktail; Cisco Kid Game Getter; Hex Baits; Sure Strike Lures Sinking Shiner; C.C.B. Co. Lures; Creek Chub Plunker; Jointed Pikie Minnows; Pixie Minnows; Creek Chub Wigglers; Floating Injured Minnows; Striper Pikies; Wiggle Fish; Deep Diving Creek Chub Lures; Lazy Ikes; Wood Mfg. Co. Spot Tail; Johnson Silver Minnows; Brainerd Bait Doctor Spoon; Daredevils; Fred R. Arbogast Jitterbug; Paul Bunyan Weaver; Paul Bunyan 66 Lure; Martin Fish Lure Hotter’n’ell; Al Foss Pork Rind Minnow; Paw Paw Bait Lucky Lures; Bond Fish Lures; Atom Mfg. Striper Atom; Churchill’s SS Minnow; Best-O-Luck Lures; Sport King Crawfish Lure; Jakes Bait; K-B Spoon; Bayou Boogie; Lanes Tackle & Bait Sparkle Eye Spoon; Arbogast Tin Liz; PK Lures Deep Running Bright Eyes; Eagle Claw Spoons; Streamliner Spoon Co. Flasher Minnow; Helin Tackle Flat Fish; L.B. Huntington Drone Bait.



WW1 German Butcher Blade Bayonet w/Sheath; 1939 Japanese Matsushita Kinzoku KK Arsenal Bayonet; Primitive Bush Knife Circa WWII w/Sheath; Vintage Wood Handle Machete; US Legitkmus Collins & Co. 1945 Machete; WWII Pay RH-36 Original KaBar USMC w/Sheath; Pal RH36 w/Sheath; Victoria Knife 1865; Oxford Blade Co. Knife; Skinning Knife Hammer Forged USA; Casw XX 431-6; Testers; Kleen Kutter;  Bowie 76R; (3) Imperial; Atlas; Friends of NRA Commemorative Set of Cased Knives; Hammer Brand; Williamson USA; Lucas Falls Sheffield England; Columbus; Tilly’s; Many Other Knives & Sets.



Barnard & Wilder Safe (Evansville); 1800 Brass Bugle; Powder Horns & Flasks; 1800’s 12ga. Reloader; Oak Church Pew; Dressers; Tables; Hutches; Harvest Table w/Metal Chairs; 1884 Green County History Book; Quilts; Wood Box; Trunks; Fire Extinguisher; Adv. Items; Tins; Children’ Toys; Wood Boxes; Snow Shoes & Skis; Wagon Wheels; Copper Boiler; Bottles; Crocks; Iron Bench; Rustic Décor; Stamp Collection; 1858 Norwegian Bible; NASCAR Scale Cars; Richard Petty Watch; Neon Beer Lights; NFL Headliners (NIB); Cowboy Hats; Leather Chaps; Size 12 Cowboy Boots (New/Used).



Wood Plant Stand; Wood Framed Mirrors; Galvanized Steel Framed Mirror; Occasional Chair; Love Seat w/Pillows; Corner Hutch; Hall Tree/Coat Rack; Dressers; Floor Lamps; Wall Décor; Wicker Baskets; Pillows; Lighted Hutch; Rugs; End Tables; Bookcase; Desk/Table; Night Stands; Daybed & Bedding; Holiday Decorations; Kitchenware; Metal Wall Art; History, Farming, Hunting & Fishing Books & Magazines; Mastercraft Smoker; Gas Grill.



Laser Level w/Auto. Leveling; Paslode Nailer (New); Milwaukee Portable Band Saw; Progressive Electronics Wire Finder; Hand & Power Tools (New & Used).


5% Buyers Fee. Check or Cash. 4% courtesy charge for purchases using credit card. All sales final. All announcements made day of sale take precedence over printed material. Not responsible for accidents or losses.